Here at Stonehill Breeders love adding beautify and value to life. We surround ourselves and our dogs with a safe, loving, beautiful environment located on a hill in Kentucky. We have a small breeding program that includes Pomeranian and Pomskys also known as Artic Spitiz and Mini Husky. We started our breeding program by buying show quality AKC registered breeding stock from Champion lines and then did health testing, showed and titled our dogs in the ring and then began breeding a full two years later. Our puppies are all bred and socialized indoors in our home. After they have had their first shots and it’s safe, we allow them to play supervised outside with us and our other dogs on our half acre property up to twice a day. We are proud of the puppies we have produced and where our program is going. We stand behind all of our puppies with a 1 year genetic health guarantee. 

All Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies and AKC registered and all Pomskies are IPA Registered.

Nedalee loves children and puppies.
She parented 19 children and now that they are gone,
She has turned her attention to our puppies.

Has been a horse jockey for the last 30+ years.
Our dogs are smaller than they appear when
standing next to him since he is only 5’1″ tall

We belive in lots of healthy foods, exercise and stimulation to keep our dogs healthy and happy. We make Silky Balls for our whelping females to help them regain weight after pregnancy. We make Mothers Pudding for nursing females every morning. We scramble eggs and mix with kibble for our dogs once a week. And then we do lots of food runs for top quality kibble. And then their are the toys...Nedalee buys lots and lots of toys even though they don't last long, she thinks they are essential to dogs well being.

We let the dogs live and play in diffrent areas of our home and yard to keep them simulated. 

We take some of the dogs back and forth to work with us to add to their socialization.

We incorporate some elements of Puppy Cluture into our training which includes starting litter box training at 3 weeks.

And above all we believe in lots of puppy cuddles every day to help with socilization.